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About Us

At Party Time Hot Tub Hire, we offer Canadian Spa Hot Tubs, gazebos, lighting and numerous party packages ideal for any occasion to customers in Cardiff and surrounding areas (about a 15 mile radius). We have been in the business for over 20 years and have gained a huge customer base with quality services at affordable prices. 

Our luxury hot tubs can accommodate 4 to 6 people comfortably. If required, we can arrange additional hot tubs and gazebos at a discount. Our installation team can set up the hot tub and gazebo within 25 minutes if they have clear access.

The hot tub heats at 1 degree per hour so takes approximately 10 hours in Summer or 24 hours in Winter for the water to reach a useable temperature; the hot tub can be used sooner if our team can warm fill using an internal mixer tap (spout must be round and less than 22mm).

We supply the chlorine granules and provide a demonstration on the usage of the hot tub with safety measures followed by a text from the installation team.

To book one of our luxury hot tubs we require a £50 deposit; the hire fee will be collected when the hot tub is delivered to you and the deposit is refunded after the hot tub is collected. For more details on our hire services or for bookings, contact one of the Party Time Hot Tub team today.

Collection after service

Hot tubs once filled with water cannot be relocated. Clients are responsible for emptying the hot tub. We request you empty the hot tub the night before our representatives arrive to collect it. Emptying a hot tub is EASY!

We also provide hot tub units for holiday let businesses. Contact us with your requirements.


If you’re hosting a party, a get together or just looking to relax in your garden then contact our team at Party Time Hot Tub Hire for our hot tub and gazebo hire services in Cardiff and surrounding areas. We recommend booking one of our Canadian Spa Hot Tubs so you can enjoy a soothing and relaxing experience in the comfort of your home.

Our Hot Tubs

When you book one of our packages you will receive a ‘Canadian Spa Hot Tub’. These hot tubs can fit 4-6 people. They heat up to 40 degrees, are one of the deepest portable hot tubs on the market and have jets that provide 125 massage outlets. The unique design allows easy installation even in spaces as small as 2.5 meters square. We can also carry the hot tub through properties that don’t have rear or side access.

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