Hot Tubs for all seasons & every occasion
Cardiff & Surrounding Areas

We provide customers with an exclusive hot tub spa experience, get in touch with Party Time Hot Tubs. We supply top-quality hot tubs and gazebos on hire for varied events. We can deliver and set up hot tubs across Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, and surrounding areas. To book a hot tub Contact us today.

Hot Tubs for every occasion

At Party Time Hot Tubs, we offer a range of quality and portable hot tubs and gazebos that are available in varied sizes. When you want your guests to enjoy and relax in a comfortable bubble massaging hot tub spa, let our team know. All you have to do is discuss your requirements with our team and pay your deposit via BACS. Leave the rest to our team who will take care of everything from delivery and set up to collection.

How do I book a hot tub?
To book please complete the form on our Contact Us page. Once received, we will send a confirmation by email with instructions on how to pay your deposit and our terms and conditions.
How is the hot tub filled?
We will need to use a tap at your property, which we can attach a hosepipe to and fill the tub. Please let us know at time of booking if you do not have a hosepipe.
What is the maximum temperature of the hot tub?
What is the maximum temperature of the hot tub?

The hot tubs maximum temperature is 40 degrees.

How long does it take for the hot tub to be setup?
It takes approximately 25 minutes to setup a hot tub and pop up gazebo and a further 1 to 3 hours to fill the hot tub with water, depending on your water pressure.
What do we need to setup the hot tub?
A level surface of approximately 3m2, a power socket within 10/15 metres of where the hot tub is to be set up, a hosepipe and an accessible tap within 15 metres. We supply the extension cable and dry box to keep the cable dry.
How is the tub emptied?
We require customers to empty the tub by unscrewing a cap at the base of the hot tub. If the tub is set up within 5 meters of a drain, a pipe can be attached to empty straight into the drain.
Is a gazebo included?
The gazebo and lights are included in our party packages. They are not included in our Summer Sizzler or Winter Warmer deals but can be added to your booking for an additional charge of £30.
Can I use the hot tub indoors?
Yes, you can but we do not recommend it. If you do wish to have the tub indoors, be aware that the surrounding floor may get very wet!
What size are your hot tubs?
Our hot tubs are approximately 2 meters in diameter. You will need a space of just over 3m2 to fit your tub and gazebo.
How long can I book for?
You can book minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 7; we are able to extend hires (subject to availability).
Where do you deliver?
Delivery to locations within 15 miles of Cardiff is FREE OF CHARGE.

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to areas outside of the 15 mile radius.

Can I cancel?
We understand that sometimes plans change, or unforeseen circumstances arise, therefore if you wish to cancel within 2 weeks of your booking date you will lose your deposit. If you cancel after this time you may use your deposit towards a future booking.
Who is liable for any damages?
The booking party will be held liable for any damages. Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any doubt. A copy of the terms and conditions will be attached to your confirmation email. It is assumed that you agree with these in their entirety before you pay the deposit.
How is the tub emptied?
We require customers to empty the tub by unscrewing a cap at the base of the hot tub. If the tub is set up within 5 meters of a drain, a pipe can be attached to empty straight into the drain.
Are your hot tubs cleaned?
Our hot tubs are thoroughly cleaned at the end of each booking with anti-bacterial spray. We also begin every hire with a shock dose of chlorine to ensure your tub is safe & clean.
What chemicals are used in the hot tub?
Chlorine is used to keep the water clean and healthy. The installers will demonstrate how to maintain your hot tub throughout your hire.
Is there anything I need to do to maintain the hot tub?
You will need to treat the water with chemicalseach evening after use to maintain its quality. We will provide full instructions and demonstrate what you need to do to ensure you get the most fun out of your hot tub!
How long does the hot tub stay hot for?
The water will stay warm for your entire hire as the heater must not be switched off until you are going to empty it.

Whilst the jets are in use the hot tub will not continue to heat or filter. If water is lost when people get in and out, then the tub will need to be topped up (above the jet and filter outlets); this will cool the temperature in the tub.

How many people can fit in a tub?
Our tubs will fit 4 – 6 adults comfortably.
What happens if it rains?
There is nothing better than being sat in a steamy hot tub with the rain coming down. Rain does not affect the hot tub or heater.
Are your hot tubs safe for children?
Yes, if they are always supervised by an adult. We recommend children that cannot swim or touch the floor of the hot tub use a swimming float or arm bands.
Can the hot tubs fit through a narrow passage or through the house?
All our hot tubs are portable so our installers can take them through the house if required.
When will you deliver the hot tub?
Delivery of the hot tub depends on the package booked but will normally be on a Monday or Thursday. If you would like us to fill with using your warm water, you will need a combi-boiler.
When do you collect the hot tub?
We will collect the hot tub approximately the same time as it was delivered on the last day of your booking; normally a Monday or Thursday. The installers will send a text an hour before collection to let you know they are on their way.
Is there a damage deposit?
You will receive a copy of our terms and conditions before you pay your deposit. Once paid it is deemed that you agree to these terms and conditions in their entirety. If the hot tub or other equipment are damaged in any way you will be liable for the costs of repair minus the deposit already paid.
How do I pay?
The deposit is paid via BACS. The remaining balance is to be paid by cash on delivery.

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